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calebshope's Journal

Caleb's Hope
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Non-profit organisation dedicated to helping child mothers and women with AIDS in Uganda
About Caleb's Hope
Caleb's Hope is named after an amazing 4 year old president and founder Holly Dignard met in August 2007 while working at Happy Life Children's Orphanage in a rural town of Kenya called Roysambu. Despite all the hardship, he shone as a bright little boy full of love, intelligence, and hope that made a lasting impression. In the fall of 2007 he turned 5 and got the best birthday gift any child could hope for: being adopted and finally having a family.

The purpose of Caleb’s Hope is not only to raise awareness but to get people from all walks of life involved and engaged in the world around them. We’re all citizens of this planet. We’ve done a lot of taking and it’s time to give back. Caleb's Hope is a humanitarian organization with projects in Kenya and Uganda with hopes to grow throughout East Africa and eventually worldwide. Our emphasis is women and child welfare, protection, and empowerment.
What We Do
Job creation and stability – with a long-term sustainability of course – is our key focus in LRA ravaged Northern Uganda. We work with two groups of vulnerable women: child mothers and women with HIV/AIDS. Check out our project page for the full scoop on the history of the region, child soldiers and the LRA, and more on these amazing women and the paper beads project. Our goal is to not only see our project grow and flourish but also to give these people a voice beyond their borders. The courage of these children and young women is astonishing and beyond inspiring. Despite all they’ve been through, they will offer you a genuine bright smile and warm hand-shake welcoming you into their home. In Nairobi, we have joined forces with a not-so-average or ordinary program. While in Nairobi spring of 2008, Caleb’s Hope (CH) founder Holly Dignard was introduced to Sarakasi Trust Hospital Program (STHP) project manager Ferny Verwiel, a Registered Nurse and creative arts practitioner. Both Holly and her younger brother spent a lot of their childhood in hospitals so she connected immediately with the program. Seeing the clowns first-hand in action and interacting with the hospitalized children, she knew, hands down, this was something CH had to be apart of. It’s scary enough for a child to go through that experience in Canada. In a poorer nation, the stress and severity of the situation is suddenly a thousand-fold. The power and beauty of this unique and inspirational program shines. Caleb’s Hope is very proud to be apart of the efforts to expand this program that works with kids across the board – from street kids, children in orphanages, to bedridden kiddies with cancer and HIV/AIDS. Child health and welfare IS a laughing matter.
Caleb’s Hope LJ Community: Mission Statement
[x]We’re all here because we support our favourite celebrities as well as CH’s cause. So please respect one another’s opinions, and if there are major disagreements, agree to disagree. Remember who we’re all here for.

[x]No personal attacks on members; or speculation about the personal lives of the celebrities involved in CH.

[x]As this community is primarily about CH, please keep off-topic (OT) posts to a minimum (i.e. gushing about the latest episode of Sanctuary or Dollhouse: NO! But, if you want to organise a fandom-wide birthday project for our celebrity supporters and it benefits CH in some way, PLEASE post here to share your ideas and keep us updated with your project).

[x]In relation to article 4, the images are copyrighted to the photographer of the shoot, so please do not distribute them.

At the moment, posting access is moderated. We will continue to revise the community rules. If you’ve got an idea, be it about fundraising or raising awareness, or just for the community, do let us know (i.e. post to the community). If it’s a fundraising idea (for example, you want to do a bake sale at your school/university/college, etc. to benefit or raise awareness for CH), we will make sure your idea gets to the right people in CH.
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